Communication, education and training

Ansaldo STS attaches more and more importance to training in environmental issues.
The encouragement towards the environmental sense of responsibility and the constructive dialogue about environmental issues for all employees and external associates (suppliers/contractors) goes through a specific training process.
For these reasons, Ansaldo STS carries out training and informative programmes directed to awaken interest in:

  • the importance to comply with the Environmental Policy, the procedures and requirements of the Environmental Management System;
  • significant, actual or potential environmental impacts resulting from the activities and the benefits for environment deriving from the improvement of the individual performance;
  • the roles and responsibilities to achieve the compliance with the Environmental Policy, the procedures and requirements of the Environmental Management System, including the preparation to emergency events and the ability to react;
  • the potential consequences of variances from the specified operating procedures;
  • the strength that the actual implementation of a combined quality, environment and safety policy may entail for the development of the Ansaldo STS business and for the development of the railway transport.

Depending on the specific processes of each company and the related environmental aspects, subsequent training sessions are conducted in order to instruct the personnel in relation to the environmental management system requisites applicable to their activity.
The Company holds a register of all training programmes administered to the personnel operating at the various companies.
The training sessions are held by personnel knowledgeable in the field involved, and are documented by the personnel responsible for their execution.

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