General environmental information

The activities performed at the offices of the subsidiaries of Ansaldo STS mainly include office business, for which Ansaldo STS ensures total control of direct and indirect environmental issues.
There is a number of production sites managed in full harmony with the environmental protection concepts. These sites fall within the scope of application of the certifications obtained and to be obtained.
The Italian production site (Tito, Potenza) is also EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme) certified.

Water resources management

The consumption of water resources is exclusively linked to sanitary use and is kept under control by means of regular monitoring and sampling. Over the past years, Ansaldo STS has carried initiatives for water savings such as the installations of photo-cell controlled taps.

Production and management of special wastes

The type of activity carried out at the company's offices involves the generation of special nonhazardous wastes, mainly paper and cardboard packaging boxes and plastic packaging boxes, contracted to companies that are authorised to transport and recover such materials. Hazardous special wastes deriving from the maintenance activities are disposed of by means of global service companies with which Ansaldo STS signed waste disposal agreements.

Energy consumption, CO2 emissions, emissions trading and other emissions

Essentially related to heating, lighting and electric motive force, the consumption of energy is controlled and is in line with the levels of consumption registered for similar activities.
Ansaldo STS acquired RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificates relating to the consumption of power supply in the Italian sites.
The RECS certificates, supporting 1 MWh, are certificates attesting the use of renewable sources.
Through the purchase and the subsequent annulment (withdrawal of the certificate from the market) Ansaldo STS has shown its commitment towards environment being willing to paying a positive difference versus the price of electricity from conventional source.

Management of hazardous substances

The hazardous substances used in the process management are environmentally friendly, by taking all the possible precautions envisaged by technical casebooks, and are used in compliance with the REACH Community Regulation.

Ozone depleting substances

R22 conditioning facilities were dismissed in the course of 2011.

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