The orders acquired at 31 December 2011 came to EUR 1,045.9 million, greater than the orders acquired in 2010 (EUR 890.2 million). The order backlog came to EUR 2,341.4 million from EUR 2,090.6 million at 31 December 2010.

The main events of the year referring to the Signalling Business Unit are outlined below.


In Italy the market recovered significantly, especially in the upgrade of the existing lines. This allowed the company to win the contract for the Turin-Padua line (EUR 210.5 million), which is a part of the European Corridor D (Lisbon-Kiev). The supply includes the systems for traffic operation along the line and at stations, the related integrated diagnostics systems, as well as the supply of several auxiliary equipment.
Good was the volume of acquisitions on traditional business segments: HSL completions and upgrades; construction and upgrading of several automation equipment (SCC or CTC); sale of components and assistance and maintenance services.


Particularly significant results were also achieved in the rest of Europe.

In France, contracts worth more than EUR 120 million were acquired for the new high-speed lines: one directly from SNCF for the second stage of the LGV EE, two from the General Contractors that will build the “Bretagne-Pays de Loire HSL” with Eiffage, and “LGV SEA ” with Inneo using Project Financing. Still in France it is worth remembering the umpteenth extension of the contract with RATP for the maintenance of some lines of the Paris Metro, for an amount of some EUR 18 million.

In Germany, the company received the second contract from Deutsche Bahn for the HSL ERTMS2 equipment plan, thus confirming the business leader in the prestigious and challenging German market as well. This new contract covers the designing, supply, installation and operation and service of ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 signalling systems along the Rostock-Berlin line, for an amount of EUR 14 million.

In Sweden, in the Mass Transit segment, a contract was acquired for the CBTC technology-based upgrade of the wayside and onboard equipment of the Red Line of the Stockholm Metro, for an amount of EUR 85 million.

In Turkey agreements were formalised with the Italian-Turkish JV Salini-GCFKolin for the supply of the signalling, automation and railway telecommunications systems for the Gebze-Kosekoy section of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed line for an amount of EUR 31.5 million.


During the period there were no commercial events of particular relevance. The traditional sale of wayside and onboard equipment continued for the traditional customers in Canada and the USA, both in the Railroads and the Mass Transit segment.


The Australian market is on the mend, especially in the mining lines segment. This generated a significant offer. However, in the year 2011 new acquisitions were modest in the amount of EUR 30 million.

In India, on the other hand, a contract was acquired from Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited (KMRCL) for an amount of EUR 46 million for the designing, construction, installation and testing of the control, signalling and communication systems of a new section of the Calcutta Metro.

In China the major acquisition for the year regards line 1 of the ZhengZhou traditional underground for an amount of EUR 9 million.

Finally, in South Korea, a contract was acquired for the construction of systems for the Uhi-Shinseoul driverless metro with POSCO for EUR 20.0 million.

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