Existing research projects financed:

  • In the scope of the activities of the Ligurian District on Research in collaboration with the Ministry for University and Research (MUR) using the funds under Law 297, the Process and Plug-in projects have been presented in collaboration with SelexElsag, and are being evaluated.
  • A project was funded through the regional operational programme of the Liguria Region with the objective of studying stereoscopic techniques for Safety & Security applications.
  • With regard to the funds from the Ministry of Productive Activities (2015 industry bid, Sustainable Mobility), the following activities are being carried out:
    • SISTEMA – project that entails an activity relating to the railway handling inside ports;
    • SLIMPORT – project co-ordinated by SelexElsag for which the company is the coordinator of the Slim Rail sub-project, which provides for the study of a container transfer system on track linking the port and the cargo storage area.
  • The following projects were declared eligible for funding in relation with the bid under the national operational programmes using the funds intended for the Campania Region:
    • Sicurferr: the company coordinates a number of entities (small, medium and large enterprises, universities, RFI and Circumvesuviana) that proposed a development and testing project on monitoring railway infrastructures in order to increase safety and security levels and to make maintenance activities more efficient. Testing activities will be carried out using the railway network of the RFI and Circumvesuviana partners; the application for funding was approved and activities should start in the first part of 2012;
    • Digital pattern development: the project co-ordinated by ELASIS (Fiat Group) aims at the development of simulation systems supporting the designing and production of systems and components for road and railway transport; in this scope, the company intends to develop systems for the simulation of the railway traffic. The project was declared eligible for funding and activities should start within the first part of 2012;
    • VERO (Virtual Engineering for Railways and autOmotive): the project provides the construction of simulators for the optimal dimensioning of signalling systems.

The project is under approval and is expected to start in the second half of 2012.

With regard to the projects financed at the European level, below are outlined the activities relating to the projects in progress:

  • INESS (Integrated European Signalling System), with the objective to standardize the interfaces between the ERTMS systems and the National interlocking systems; it is expected to terminate in 2012;
  • CESAR (Cost-efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems). The project, submitted together with other Finmeccanica companies, Siemens and CRF, in the scope of the JTU Artemis, involves Ansaldo STS for V&V innovative systems (Verification & Validation);
  • ERRAC Roadmap – The project is quite small but with an important strategic value because it defines the priority research issues for the railway sector, that will be submitted to the competent European Commission for the publication of the calls for proposals in the years to come;
  • PROTECTRAIL The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport: Ansaldo STS SpA is the coordinator of a consortium also including other Finmeccanica companies (Selex Sistemi Integrati and Selex-Elsag), Ferrovie dello Stato and other important European railways and aims at developing an integrated system to improve safety of people and goods and more generally the European railway assets;
  • ALARP - A railway automatic track warning system based on distributed personal mobile terminals. The project, co-ordinated by Ansaldo STS, is directed to develop an innovative automatic track warning system in order to improve the safety of railway trackside workers;
  • SECUR-ED (Secured Urban Transportation - European Demonstration). The project is directed to develop, integrate and make interoperable the Security technologies, with particular reference to the public transport in medium/large cities. The projects provides for demonstrations in large cities (Milan, Paris, Berlin, Madrid) and other smaller cities. Thales is the project leader, while Ansaldo STS is in charge of the transversal sub-project of demonstrations, particularly in Milan together with ATM and Ferrovie Nord. SelexElsag is also taking part in the project.

Moreover, the European commission approved and financed the following projects:

  • EXCROSS, whose objective is to identify synergies and opportunities related to safety techniques in different transport modes;
  • ETCETERA, that contributes to the planning of European research issues in terms of security, promoting meetings between experts and potential stakeholders.

At the end of 2011, an application for funding was submitted to the European Space Agency (ESA) for a project relating to the development of satellite-based positioning technologies. This financing, expected for the first half of 2012, will support strategic development activities finalised to the evolution of the railway signalling with the use of satellites. The results of this development will be necessary to sustain commercial initiatives in Australia, the USA and Russia.

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