Risks and uncertainties

The risks described below stem from the consideration of the features of the market and business of the Ansaldo STS Group, together with the main results of the update of the Risk Assessment of processes. The Risk Assessment aims at identifying the main risks, with respect to the processes identified as relevant, and the relevant mitigating actions, as well as defining the additional actions to be taken to further reduce the risk or improve process performance.

The Risk Assessment process adopted by Ansaldo STS makes reference to the internationally recognised framework of the “Enterprise Risk Management” of the “Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission” (COSO report) and purports to add the Risk Assessment to the processes for the planning and implementation of corporate goals, to create value based on appropriate risk management also by giving value to opportunities.

The main risks and uncertainties of Ansaldo STS and of the Group are presented below according to the classification adopted by the Group (strategic, operating, financial and disclosure risks). There may be risks that are unidentified or that have not been considered as being significantly material at the moment but which should however have an impact on the Group’s business.

For the management of financial risks, reference should be made to the related explanatory notes.

“ Through its Internal Sustainability Committee, Ansaldo STS supplements its analysis of economic risk with that of social and environmental risks.”
> Please see page 45 of the 2011 Sustainability Report for further information

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