Trasportation Solutions

The Transportation Solutions Unit designs and produces integrated transport systems, i.e. it studies, designs and plans the integration of the design and construction of the technological elements that make up the transport system, including equipment, signalling, power supply, telecommunications and rolling-stock (whether for railway or metro trains), as well as any other technical items that, together with the foregoing, constitute an integrated transport system. The end product, whether railway line or metro line, is then delivered to the principal on a turnkey basis. The Group is also able to offer signalling and transportation systems competencies separately according to the client’s needs.

Transportation solutions 

The Unit’s larger projects include:

  • automated metro systems in Copenhagen, Honolulu, Riyadh, Brescia and Salonika; 
  • the Naples 1 and Rome A, B and C metro lines;
  • metropolitan light railways in Genoa and Naples 6 (for these two projects the Group, as sub-contractor, is responsible for the whole construction including civil works);
  • part of the electro-rail installations for Milan’s metro line 5; 
  • production, installation, testing and commissioning of signalling, telecommunications and electrification for 330 km of the two-track line between Ipoh and Padang Besar, Malaysia.

The Unit is also taking part in the realisation of high-speed railways in Italy through the Iricav Uno (responsible for the realisation of the Rome-Naples section), Iricav Due (responsible for the realisation of the Verona-Padua section), and Saturno consortia.

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