Equity investments held by Directors

Within the programme of purchase of treasury shares to serve the 2008-2010 stock grant plan and the 2010-2012 stock grant plan authorised by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 5 April 2011, Ansaldo STS SpA purchased in the period from 10 October 2011 through 17 November 2011 a total of 412,400 ordinary shares of Ansaldo STS SpA (corresponding to 0.29% of the share capital). On 1 December 2011 the effective delivery was made of the shares awarded for the year 2010: of the 411,937 total shares assignable, 408,750 shares were transferred into individual security deposits specified by the beneficiaries.
Out of the 3,650 shares remained in the portfolio, 3,187 shares were or will be credited in the security deposit accounts of six beneficiaries in the first months of 2012, because it was not possible to transfer them in due times. It should be specified that the transferred shares are net of the portion required for the fulfilment of the tax obligations, with reference to the Italian beneficiaries.
Below are reported the shares held by the Directors:

Surname and Name Investee company Number of shares held at previous year-end Number of shares acquired* Number of shares sold Number of shares held at current year-end
Sergio De Luca  Ansaldo STS  37,422¹31,638² -   69,060  
1 Assigned free of charge for the years 2006-2007 in compliance with the 2006-2007 Stock Grant Plan and for the year 2008 and 2009 in compliance with the 2008-2010 Stock Grant Plan. 2 Of which 25,401 assigned free of charge for the year 2010 in compliance with the 2008-2010 Stock Grant Plan and 6,237 assigned following the share capital increase made in 2011. *No.31,638 shares are net of taxes, the shares originally assigned including taxes were equal to no. 44.563. No.12,925 shares were not granted by the Company for the fulfilment of the tax obligations.

Registered Office: 16151 Genoa Via Paolo Mantovani, 3 - 5
Paid-in Share Capital EUR 70,000,000 R.E.A. n. 421689 Register of Enterprises of Genoa Tax Code 01371160662
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