The company Ansaldo STS

The Board of Directors met on 5 April 2011 and resolved the appointments for the top management of the company. These people are in office:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Alessandro Pansa;
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors: Giancarlo Grasso;
  • CEO: Sergio De Luca.

Since 1 June 2011, Lyle Jackson handed over the responsibilities of the Transportation Solutions Business Unit and was appointed as Special Advisor directly reporting to the CEO. This role makes him responsible for the promotion at world level of the Goods Transportation Business and the management of top strategic relations with customers in Australia, Malaysia and Africa. Sergio De Luca is in charge of the Transportation Solutions Business Unit on a temporary basis.

With resolution of 22 September 2011, the Board of Directors approved:

  • the appointment of Giuseppe Gaudiello as Head of the Standard Platforms & Products Business Unit of the Company, in the place of Maurizio Manfellotto, appointed as CEO of AnsaldoBreda SpA;
  • the appointment of Mauro Gigante as Head of the Company Secretary & General Counsel Unit as well as Secretary of the Board of Directors in the place of Mario Orlando.

With resolution of 13 December 2011, the Board of Directors appointed Stefano Palmieri as Head of the Human Resources Unit, in the place of Carlo Cremona, beginning from 1 December 2011.
The first-level organisation structure of Ansaldo STS will be organised as follows:

  • Directly reporting to Sergio De Luca, CEO:
    • Signalling Business Unit: Emmanuel Viollet;
    • Transportation Solutions Business Unit: Sergio De Luca, on a temporary basis;
    • Standard Platforms & Products Business Unit: Giuseppe Gaudiello;
    • Innovation & Competitiveness: Giovanni Bocchetti;
    • Company Secretary and General Counsel: Mauro Gigante;
    • Chief Financial Officer: Alberto Milvio;
    • Human Resources: Stefano Palmieri;
    • Standard Processes Quality & IT Services: Christian Andi;
    • Risk Management: Roberto Passalacqua;
    • HSE & Facility Management: Giuseppe Spezzi;
    • Security: Giovanni Rapiti.
  • Directly reporting to the Chairman of the Board of Directors:
    • Internal Audit: Mauro Giganti.

A new function, called International Special Projects, has been created directly reporting to the CEO. Members of this function are Michele Fracchiolla and Alfredo Drago.
Michele Fracchiolla, whose managerial appointment was authorised by the Board of Directors with resolution of 26 January 2011, is commissioned to support the ameliorative measures taken in relation to the activities of the Australian and Malaysian subsidiaries by co-ordinating the relations between the Group central structures and the local structures of the two companies.
Alfredo Drago is charged with supporting the inclusion of the American subsidiary within the ASTS Group organization, called FFDB. Successively, Alfredo Drago was appointed as “Head of Delivery – Signalling BU” in the place of Giuseppe Gaudiello.

The 2010 Sustainability Report of the Ansaldo STS group was submitted to the Board during the meeting of 29 March. It was later made available to the market for the Shareholders’ meeting of 5 April. The Report was also published on Ansaldo STS’s website.

Registered Office: 16151 Genoa Via Paolo Mantovani, 3 - 5
Paid-in Share Capital EUR 70,000,000 R.E.A. n. 421689 Register of Enterprises of Genoa Tax Code 01371160662
A Finmeccanica Company